Southampton fans turn on Van Dijk after latest Liverpool link

Year after year Southampton fans have had to put up with the same narrative when it comes to their brightest talents leaving the club for pastures new.

While most fans will understand and accept that if a player is good enough to play in the Champions League, and those that leave from St. Mary’s usually are, then it’s hard for them to turn down that opportunity as well as the lure of more money.

However, after the same cycle of hand’s off warnings from the board followed by eventual sales has to wear even the most level headed of fans down at some point.

This summer is no different. After things had gone surprisingly quiet on the Virgil van Dijk front, The Mirror cropped up with a report claiming that the Dutchman still wants to join Liverpool, and only Liverpool, despite the tapping up saga surrounding the 26-year-old earlier in the month.

After the reports spread, Saints fans appear to have reached breaking point and turned sour on their first-team captian…

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