Spurs fans reveal suggestions for White Hart Lane time capsule

In case you haven’t heard already, Tottenham are moving to a new stadium, meaning this will be their last season at White Hart Lane.

Except, their new ground is being built on exactly the same piece of land – Spurs are building their new stadium around the old one, so there will be a slight overlap between where White Hart Lane now stands and where their future arena will be.

And the north London club are marking the occasion by burying a time capsule in the overlapping area, preserved by concrete and soil so that some fortunate soul can accidentally unearth it thousands of years from now and tell all his friends about the primitive pastime of football.

Being the fan-focused club they are, Tottenham have decided to ask their supporters what they’d like to be included in the time capsule, which has inevitably thrown up some curious suggestions, ranging from Hossam Ghaly’s attire to the genuine tears of Arsenal fans.

Here’s a look at some of the best responses from social media…