West Ham fans react to news summer transfer window will shut early

The Premier League announced on Thursday that the summer transfer window will shut before the start of the 2018/19 season, with West Ham United confirmed as one of the teams that voted in favour of the change from the current set up.

BBC Football reports that 14 of the 20 clubs wanted the move to happen, with only five sides – Manchester United, Manchester City, Swansea City, Watford and Crystal Palace – wanting things to stay as they are now, while Burnley abstained from voting.

The window will now close at 5pm on the Thursday before the top flight campaign is due to kick off, although European clubs will still be able to buy players from Premier League clubs until their own transfer windows shut.

West Ham supporters were quick to have their say on the news via social media, with some labelling it as a “ridiculous” and “stupid” decision, although there was also a few people who backed the idea.

Here is just a selection of the Twitter reaction…