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The Champions League comebacks that ‘may’ give Arsenal hope

Chin up Arsenal fans, tonight’s Champions League tie isn’t over!

ecovering from four goals down has been done several… ok, never, but at least your star player is in a great frame of… you have an away goal!

Seriously though, if Arsenal’s players need one bit of motivation for tonight’s damage limitation job, it’s that should they achieve the impossible, it will officially go down as the single greatest comeback in Champions League history.

Until then, these are our top five comebacks in Champions League history. They may pale in comparison to Arsenal’s task but are still five perfect examples of teams standing up to be counted (there’s usually eleven of them in case your were wondering) and not giving up in the face on elimination.

Watch the video below to find out what Arsenal will need to write themselves into Champions League history and render our video utterly redundant.

If a sacked West Brom boss, a Real Madrid reject and Djimi Traore can do it then surely Arsenal will find it a walk in the park? Right?