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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Key information about Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was built in 2019 and is the new home of Tottenham Hotspur. The ground is located on the site of the famous old White Hart Lane site in north London and is the second-largest club stadium in the country.

Its maximum capacity stands at 62,303 with a pitch that measures 105m by 68m. The surface is covered with hybrid grass and it has undersoil heating installed with no running track surrounding the field.

The record attendance was set when 61,104 fans arrived to watch Spurs take on Chelsea on 22 December 2019.

A history of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Needless to say, with the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium having been built in 2019, there’s not much history behind it just yet. But Spurs have been playing their football on both public land and rented turfs in the 1880s and it wasn’t until 1899 that they finally moved to a piece of land owned by the brewery company Charringtons that would, later on, be known as the White Hart Lane.

The club would spend many years at that ground, renovating and improving it along the way, and the first official plans for a new stadium were conceived as early as 2007 but it actually wouldn’t be until October 2013 – following previous plans all shelved or postponed – that they would get the idea of a new project for a multi-use stadium that can host American NFL games as well as football.

On 8 July 2015, the official announcement arrived that an agreement with the NFL to hold at least two NFL games a year in a 10-year partnership had been reached. On that same day, they also announced the design team and a whole new project plan. All of that was accepted and confirmed by Haringey Council in December that same year with the Major also giving approval to the plans in February 2016.

The construction itself was done in two phases so that White Hart Lane could still be used in the 2016/17 campaign. The first phase involved the erection of the North, West and East Stands, and the second the South Stand, only to be done after White Hart Lane had been demolished.

With parts of the old ground already gone, the remainder of White Hart Lane would follow after the final day of the 16/17 season and the complete demolition of all visible remnants of the stadium were removed by early August 2017. White Hart Lane was no more.

Still, parts of the old ground were indeed incorporated into the new one and the roof was raised in March 2018 with the new pitch following suit in early October. The external cladding of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was completed in March 2019. Even though it was supposed to be opened in 2018, safety issues pushed the date back significantly, meaning Spurs would have to play at Wembley a while longer and until everything was finally ready for the official games for the senior team in April 2019.

The first match was actually an U-18 clash between Tottenham and Southampton held on 24 March as 28,987 fans witnessed the home side win 3-1. The stadium then opened with a ceremony on 3 April and the first Premier League clash followed suit as Spurs faced Crystal Palace, winning 2-0 on the night.

Even though reports and statements vary, the cost of the whole project is set to be around one billion pounds even though initial planning had it down at around £400m. Interestingly, in the South Atrium there’s a commemorative plaque where the centre spot at the old ground used to be, which is a nice touch that helps remember the old White Hart Lane.

Also, the club’s famous cockerel statue is still there, only now it’s bigger and sits on top of the South Stand at a height of 4.5 metres. Reportedly, the name of the ground will change once the rights are sold to an appropriate sponsor.

Tickets to watch Tottenham Hotspur at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

All tickets to watch Tottenham Hotspur at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium can be found on the club’s official website. The prices come in three main categories with category A being the most expensive one. Depending on the clash and the seating area, the tickets can cost from £52 to £98.

Spurs offer season tickets and memberships that can get you more favourable prices and priorities on buying the tickets in the first place.

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