In Focus – Why Everton is the best pick for Pickford

According to a report in The Express, Sunderland have slapped a £30million price tag on Jordan Pickford, after receiving a £10million offer from Everton.

What’s the word?

With Sunderland now consigned to relegation and serious debts hanging over the club, Ellis Short will want to get as much as possible for a player who has impressed every watching scout this season.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have all been rumoured as interested parties but it is Everton who are reported to have made the first move.

How good has Pickford been this season?

When, as a Premier League goalkeeper, you can only count David De Gea as having a more impressive season than yourself, you know you are doing something right.

At such a young age, Pickford has managed to keep results respectable for Sunderland and has made a number of highlight reel saves, exciting journalists and fans alike.

This has been the defining season for young Pickford’s career. He has managed to firmly establish himself as a top flight goalkeeper and is now being chased by almost all of the Premier League’s elite clubs.

Can Pickford fit in well at Everton?

While the lure of Old Trafford, or the riches at Manchester City may seem like too much to turn down, Pickford should set his sights on Everton as a destination for next season.

At Goodison, not only is he guaranteed first team football almost immediately but he also won’t be thrust into some kind of expectant spotlight that can often ruin so many young players careers when they join an “elite” club.

Everton are not expected to win the league. Their goals for next season are more than achievable and Pickford, who value at just £4.25m, will likely enjoy the rollercoaster on Merseyside far more than at any other club.