Why England should fear the USA!

If there’s one thing the USA know how to do it is winning! Their dominance in the Olympic Games has become almost a habit and this summer their very own football team will be looking to make their mark on the World Cup.

After landing a favourable draw for the tournament, England should be wary of a team who, despite a world ranking of 14, could pose a real threat to Fabio Capello’s men. Jozy Altidore, Landon Donovan and possibly the Premier Leagues most under-rated player Clint Dempsey will all feature in the USA squad and they will have high hopes of causing an upset or two.

Last year’s Confederations Cup was a prime example of how far the USA have come. After qualifying from the group stages ahead of reigning World Champions Italy, Dempsey and Co went on to comfortably beat European Champions Spain in the semi-finals. After taking a two goal lead in the final against Brazil, the US let their opponents back in and eventually lost 3-2. They may not have won the tournament but they will certainly have sent out a warning to the rest of the World.

In America there is only ever one option and that is to win! It is a mentality that is installed in children from their early years in school and, in a country where facilities and provisions are second to none, it is understandable that the national squad are now beginning to reap the benefits. With 10 players playing the Premier League and SPL the evidence of their success is clear to see.

Bob Bradley’s men will line up against the Netherland’s on Wednesday night for their last match before the encounter with England on June 12th. It will be a test of their skill against a Dutch side who will no doubt give them a lesson in total football but they travel to Holland without a number of key men. None the less, as always, they will be there for a win.

The fact that Fabio Capello’s men play the USA in their first game could be potentially disastrous. If England travel to South Africa with key players still shaking off injuries they could suffer an upset in their first game. The USA are quick, strong and play with their hearts on their sleeves. A win against England would spark a belief that they could go all the way. With the women’s team dominating World football, this summer could prove to be the year when the men’s team prove themselves. It might seem a routine match for Capello’s men but I can assure you, it will be far from that.

I’ll go as far as to say England will not win….what do you think?