In the latest example in the long running connection between Catholicism and football, WOB sources have discovered that every can of that odd spray stuff that refs use to mark out ten yards at free kicks has been personally blessed by football loving Argentinian pope, Pope Francis.

‘It’s a no-brainer really,’ says Peter Pellegrino, the God blogger behind the pope-ular site Hol-e Father, “It’s as evanescent as a apparition of the virgin Herself. Everyone present swears they see it and show their faith by retreating behind the line. Yet within seconds it’s unseeable except in imagination. What could be more Catholic than that?’
Catholicism, with its traditions of penance, self-flagellation and mortification, has always been a natural match for football and the controversial 2011 decision of Vatican 3 San Marino 1 to reintroduce celibacy for referees is being tested for the first time at these championships, held in warm, sultry conditions in a land full of lovely young people who could probably do with the cash. The legendary Pope John Paul II was a noted football fan, and, like the late St Jude, also followed Fulham FC.
A Catholic country is expected to win the tournament as usual, now that England’s chances are looking a bit iffy and what with Van Persie being made of balsa wood.