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How our incentive system works
Instead of working off of a points-per-gallery system like before, there will now be an entire focus on page views from the UK. This means that only page views gained from readers within the United Kingdom count towards this scheme.
Essentially, you will be paid £1 for every 1000 page views that you get on an article – provided that you reach AT LEAST 50k UK views per month.
So, payment will be as follows:
50k UK Page views – £50
100k UK page views – £100
150k UK page views – £150
250k UK page views – £250
300k UK page views – £300
350k UK page views – £350
400k UK page views – £400
and so on…
There is absolutely NO limit on how much you can earn. So if you manage to get 1 million page views – you can earn yourself £1000 per month.
For clarification, once you hit 50K UK page views, you’ll earn more and more money for every 50,000 UK page views you get.
I will update you all on how many views you have earned each and every day, so you will know exactly how well you’re doing and how much you might want to do to reach the next band.
How do I ensure I maximise my UK page view potential?
Online web traffic works much in the same way as football clubs do. The bigger the club, the more global its audience is. This means that articles on the likes of Everton or Southampton will generally have a higher percentage of UK page views than an article on Manchester United or Liverpool.
Why this system is better for you
The system is better for a number of reasons, not least because it gives everybody a chance to earn every single month.
The previous incentive schemes meant writers were competing against each other and some were always going to miss out. With this system, you’ll only be working against yourself – and you’ll be getting out of it exactly what you put in, rather than missing out at the last minute if you drop out of the top three of the leaderboard.
It also potentially means that you can earn more money each month, meaning that you won’t be capped at a certain number regardless of how many articles you do.
In simple terms, it’s a more simple, fairer and more efficient way of utilising you all – and you should benefit from it more as a result.
How do I get involved? 
If you’re interesting in joining our UK team and getting involved in this incentive, please send an email to jamesj@snack-media.com with your CV and an example of your writing and we’ll consider your request.
If accepted, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive WhatsApp group, which is where daily articles are briefed and writers are asked to submit their own ideas for UK centric content.